A Brief History of Our Church


The Late Rev. Luther Jackson (1922 - 2004), Founder and Builder of Abyssinia Baptist Church of God In Christ. In 1960, he was designated as Leader of the Abyssinia Prayer Band, Fairland, Maryland. Rev. L. Jackson preached his trial sermon in July 1968 at First Baptist Church of Ken-Gar, Kensington, Maryland. He received his license to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and served at First Baptist under his Pastor, the Late Rev. Murphy. The Late Rev. Murphy presided over his ordination service. After his Ordination Service held at First Baptist Church of Ken-Gar Rev. L. Jackson was officially installed by the Late Rev. Murphy as Pastor of St. Paul Community Church in Sugarland, Maryland.

He served as Pastor of St. Paul Community Church until he began the work of building Abyssinia Baptist Church in Fairland, Maryland. Rev. L. Jackson had the blueprints drawn and handle all the necessary building permits that were required to begin building Abyssinia Baptist Church in Fairland, Maryland. The property was full of trees, bushes, and weeds. Rev. L. Jackson cleared the land, cutting down the trees. He made fireplace wood and sold it by the cord. He used the money from the sale of wood to establish the Building Fund for the New Church.

Family and friends of the Abyssinia Prayer group contributed donations to the Church Building Fund as construction on the Church proceeded. Rev. Luther Jackson and Rev. Spencer E. Jackson has performed water baptisms, prayer services, Bible study, blessings, marriages and funerals since the doors of Abyssinia Baptist was open to the public for worship services on August 8, 1988. Three members from Abyssinia Baptist Church were water baptized at First Baptist Church of Ken-Gar before the Church installed  the water baptism pool.

revlj002Many Church groups and individuals sacrificed by donating their time, talents and money in helping us for the benefit of the building fund. We at Abyssinia, thank each individual who helped us bring into reality a Vision from God. A plaque is displayed on the back wall of the “Pew Rally” contributors. A major part of the construction of this Church was done by Senior Pastor Luther Jackson after he had passed 60 years of age. It took 26 years from the time GOD spoke to him to “GO BUILD A CHURCH” until the doors at Abyssinia Baptist was open for Worship Services. The Good News is that by the Grace of  God, the power of the Holy Ghost and love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ: the Vision is now a reality.